T&D Construction


• Large Diameter Anchor Bolt Foundations

• Stub Angle Foundations

• Direct Embed Excavation & Pole Setting

• Vibratory Cassions

• Helical Piles

• Substation Foundations & Site Work

• Low Clearance Drilling

Owner: TNMP

Project: Cattail-Cherokee TLine Texas City, TX

Contract Value: $2.5MM
Scope: Socket Caissons and large diameter drilled piers – slurry and permanent casing all structures. 80% of work is done on highway with traffic control, 20% done inside refinery property.
Location: Texas City, TX (Galveston Bay Refineries/Gulf Coast)

Owner: AEP

Project: McKenzie-Westside TLine Rebuild Corpus Christi, TX

Contract Value: $1,462,560.00
Scope: 138kV T-LINE Rebuild, approx. 11 miles – mix of embeds and drilled piers. All drilling done under slurry- 25% of drilled pier required permanent casings
Location: Corpus Christi, TX (Gulf Coast)
Owner: Western Farmers Electric COOP
Project: Sara Road-Sunshine Canyon T-Line Rebuild
Contract Value: $1.6MM
Scope: 7 miles of drilled piers, 50% accomplished using permanent steel casing, installed using the vibratory hammer method and pre-drilling.
Location: Newcastle/Mustang, OK (Eastern Oklahoma)
Owner: Rayburn Electric Coop Project
Project: Athens – N. Walton T-Line Rebuild
Contract Value: $1,018,250.00
Scope: 8.32 miles of TLine rebuild, mix of embeds and drilled piers. The majority of drilling is done under slurry, with a small portion being drilled dry successfully. 10% of drilled piers were done with permanent casing utilizing a vibratory hammer to install.
Location: Athens, TX (East Texas)

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