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With a growing demand for Alternative Energy, Vantage has solutions to accommodate your needs. We offer services ranging from Solar Farm Pre Drilling to drilled shafts for Energy Storage facilities across the United States.

Confidential Project – Completed May 2023

  • 320 Turnkey Drilled Shafts 42” in diameter
  • 16,160 linear feet total | 6400 CY Concrete
This project in West Texas consisted of 320 drilled shafts 42” in diameter. Due to extreme loads required for these shafts, tolerance was very tight with a 1% verticality requirement, along with a maximum 2” positional tolerance for all shafts. Vantage was able to consistently achieve these tolerances, despite the challenging geology with caliche & sandstone layers over 10,000 psi. Vantage also employed 3rd party Sonic Caliper testing to prove shaft verticality to Vantage’s field methods. Additionally, down-hole CCTV inspections were done to ensure the base of all shafts were compliant. Vantage also performed Cross Hole Sonic Logging for 108 shafts to prove concrete integrity throughout the project totaling over 23,000 linear feet of CSL tubing. Vantage utilized 4 drill rigs, 2 cranes, 3 Vantage Concrete Roller Trucks & accompanying equipment to complete the project.

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