An Alternative Approach

When the need arises for alternative drilled pier methods, contractors typically turn to Helical Piers. These allow for immediate loading after installation as well as quicker installation times. Helical Piers can also be beneficial in geologies with a high sand and water content as they could potentially eliminate the need for casing and slurry drilling methods often used while installing traditional drilled piers in harsh geologies.
Direct Air Capture Notrees, TX
370 Helical Piles 10’-20’ long
10”-16” in diameter
In addition to drilled shafts, Vantage provided the design & installation of 370 large diameter helical piles up to 18” in diameter that were utilized for certain structures on the project. Vantage performed static load testing on multiple pile types in various areas on the project to confirm design capacity. Due to the load demands required for these piles, all piles were installed within a 2” positional tolerance, and pile base plates were installed to within 1/8th of an inch in the horizonal & vertical plane. Each pile was verified by GPS and confirmed in the as-built data. All plates were installed by Vantage employed, AWS Certified welders under a Vantage provided Welding Procedure Specification (WPS). These piles offered significant cost savings to the owner as structures were able to be installed immediately after pile installation, reducing the amount of moving & storing of large structures onsite.
Crypto Currency Mining Facility Odessa, TX
2000 Turnkey Helical Piers and Caps
The Crypto Currency Data Center in Odessa, TX consisted of 2000 installed helical piers ranging from 3.5” OD to 7.5” OD. Due to the geological conditions on site, each installation site was pre drilled to maintain the desired torque specifications of helical piers. Each pier was surveyed to maintain design tolerance, and cut to required reveal height. Galvanized plates were installed for easy mounting of cable tray supports, junction box sites, and facility installation.

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