Strong Buildings Start With A Strong Foundation.
From large food processing facilities to high school additions, Vantage has performed drilled piers for clients ranging from large GC’s to small Commercial Contractors. Utilizing both truck and track mounted drill rig options, you can trust Vantage has the capacity to handle any project regardless of the size or accessibility.
Georgia Pacific Gypsum Facility – Sweetwater, TX
396 Turnkey Drilled Shafts 24” – 66” in diameter
11,400 Linear Feet

The Georgia Pacific Gypsum Manufacturing Facility consisted of 396 drilled shaft foundations ranging from 24” to 66” of varying depths, totaling over 11,000 linear feet. All shafts required various penetrations into competent Gypsum with strengths up to 20,000 psi. Unseasonal rain in the area required aggressive de-watering efforts to install shafts and maintain integrity. Vantage also performed the foundations & installation of 35, 110’ concrete monopoles. Vantage utilized two drill rigs to complete the project on time despite the unseasonal rain throughout the project.

Food Industry Distribution Center – Hutchins, TX Completed December 2022 for Gray Construction

1,050 Turnkey Drilled Shafts
20,750 Linear Feet
The distribution center in Hutchins, TX consisted of 1,050 24” drilled shafts of varying depths, totaling over 20,750 linear feet. Vantage provided the design for all shafts by performing LPile analysis for all shafts on the project. All shafts required various penetrations into competent limestone. For cost saving & constructability purposes at the request of the GC/Owner, Vantage performed above grade forming of 434 shafts from 16”-20” above grade. This effort allowed the concrete contractor to begin forming pier caps & slabs without the need to excavate. Vantage was able to install these 434 shafts in under a month, reaching up to 495 linear feet drilled & poured in a day. Vantage utilized three drill rigs to complete the project on time despite the unseasonal rain though the second half of the project.

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